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Current Events in Night City

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Bands Worth Hearing

Bosco-Rogers Connection – A neo-K-Pop dance band, ‘BRC’ is the project of four musicians who’ve left other bands over the last few years. Their fans are generally antagonistic toward the bands from which BRC’s members came. Their current single, ‘Gimme Mo’Hamad!’ is either a call to convert to Islam or a call for Hamad, a synthetic heroin-like drug that’s become very popular in the rave scene. The lyrics have caused quite the controversy in some circles.

DemiUrj – Night City’s own crog-mag metal act, a favorite among several street gangs. Unique because they use no synthesizers or digital effects.

Gangs of Note

Red Chrome Legion – Neo-Nazi Chromer gang; followers of the now-defunct band of the same name. Known for their glossy red outfits, chrome cyberwear, and protection of a block or so in the northern Combat Zone of Night City. Word has it they get by robbing dealers and off money ‘collected’ from the locals.

Dogstars – A small, but somehow well-funded fanboy gang that seeks to bring back the attitude, music, and styles of the 90s grunge era. Popular for throwing parties in university neighborhoods.

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