Burning It All Down

News 54 Update
The NeoAnarchist Coalition is on the warpath! Details at 6!

Flickering in the light rain, the massive screen cuts to a sharkskin-suit wearing media dandy with an arched eyebrow…

“We’re taking you live to the Combat Zone, where Drake Fowler is on the scene of the latest press event staged by the NeoAnarchist Coalition – NAC – where it seems they’re about to make a major announcement…Drake?”

The image cuts abruptly to a bald man with a shined head, Kiroshi OptiShields cybereyes, and an antenna extending upward from an earpiece.

“Right, thanks Dirk. That’s right, we’re here at the corner of 18th and Vanguard, deep in the Combat Zone, waiting on the announcement that was itself announced earlier today…”

The heat rippled off the concrete and asphalt; garbage floated in the dusty air; and the typical array of freaks, burnouts, and vagrants wandered about the streets.The news crew’s security detail – three solos brandishing various weapons – stood out of the frame as the media glanced around, looking for something exciting to do or say while waiting on whatever the NAC had planned.

He didn’t have long to wait, as fireworks blasted forth from the roof of a 10-story office building that was rumored to be one of the NAC’s properties. About 20 seconds of blasts and smoke later, speakers, hidden around the intersection, began blasting the chugging riffs of “Schlag,” last year’s hit from Ubermensch, a chromatic death metal band. Barely audible over the dim of the dropped-C chords and crash cymbals of the instrumental was heard the screech of tires as a 1977 El Camino, decked out with a ramming grill, bullet-proof glass, spiked rims, and the passenger side of the can replaced by a semi-open turret, sporting a machinegun. The back of the vehicle was also modified, with a forward-facing podium and a rear-mounted chaingun on a swivel. At the podium stood a heavily-muscled man, decked out in piecemeal armor.

Without any introduction of prefacing remarks, and amplified over the speakers that had a moment before been blaring music, the man at the podium began.

“The Neo-Anarchist Coalition hereby declares war on the illegitimate excuse for music that is BRC! Those who ride the K-Pop wave will crash, burn, and die!” With that, the music began again, mid-verse, and the El Camino spun its massive rear tires as it took off down the street, fish-tailing around the nearest corner.

The camera returned to Drake Fowler, whose mouth was open as he yelled along with the menagerie of street wanderers.

“There you have it! The NAC is on the warpath again, and BRC is its newest target! Looks like the Enormodome will have to increase security for Friday’s show!”


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